All PAS physicians are Board certified. Find out more about what this means for patients, surgeons and facilities.

Anesthesiology Training

After graduating from a four-year doctor of medicine program and completing a four-year resident training many of our physicians completed one or several fellowships in subspecialties such as pediatric, obstetric, cardiac or critical care anesthesiology.

After taking their U.S. Medical and Licensing Examination to become licensed to practice medicine in the state, they have voluntarily chosen to complete an additional comprehensive oral and written exam administered by the American Board of Anesthesiology to become Board certified. Subspecialized anesthesiologists have taken an additional exam or exams to become Board certified in their subspecialties. All Board certified physicians have requirements for continuing education to keep current with the profession.

What is Board Certification?

From the American Board of Anesthesiology

Board certification demonstrates a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice. Medical specialty certification in the United States is a voluntary process. While medical licensure sets the minimum competency requirements to diagnose and treat patients, it is not specialty specific.

Board certification shows a physician’s commitment and expertise in consistently achieving superior clinical outcomes in a responsive, patient-focused setting.

Patients, physicians, healthcare providers, insurers and quality organizations look for Board certification as the best measure of a physician’s knowledge, experience and skills to provide quality healthcare within a given specialty.

Patients should inquire about whether their doctor is Board certified.

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