The specialized physicians at PAS provide a wide range of services.

Anesthesia—PAS physicians provide general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, sedation anesthesia and local anesthesia…More

Ambulatory Anesthesia—PAS physicians are skilled at using the medications and techniques required when a patient is expected to go home as soon as possible after a surgery performed in an ambulatory surgical center or doctor’s office…More

Acute Pain Management—PAS physicians provide acute pain management services to patients so they can safely and comfortably recover from surgery…More

Cardiac Anesthesia—Specialized PAS physicians are skilled at the specific techniques needed for patients undergoing heart, lung or blood vessel surgery…More

Obstetrical Anesthesia—PAS physicians are committed to making delivery as comfortable as possible for women who choose pain medications during labor and delivery…More

Neuroanesthesia—Specialized PAS physicians are experts in providing anesthesia for neurosurgical procedures including brain surgery for tumors, blood vessel malformations, aneurysms, occluded arteries, trauma, and complex spinal procedures…More

Pediatric Anesthesia—Specialized PAS physicians have training in providing safe, optimal conditions for children during surgery and making their hospital stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible…More



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